12 Bottles Dark Espresso Bamboo Wine Rack

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12 Bottle Dark Espresso Bamboo Wine Rack Storage Countertop Home Kitchen Decor
Type: Wine Rack
Material: 95% Wood, 5% Metal
Efficiently maximize storage space
Dimensions: 15.75 inch H x 5.75 inch D x 11.75 inch W
Product weight: 2 lbs

Horizontal Wine Storage
Ideal way to age your wine. The horizontal position of the wine bottle allows for the cork to remain moist and swelled which limits unwanted air contact. In addition, this keeps the sediment far away from the cork end of the bottle preventing the wine from spoilage.

Curved Panel Shelves
The compact build and curved panels of the wine rack are designed to maximize storage space, prevent the rolling of wine bottles, and make it easy to place on a counter top or table.The aesthetic, slanted panel design of the magazine rack is ideal to accommodate any assortment of magazine or book collections. The slanted panels also help prevent the contents from toppling over by allowing them to rest in a slanted, outward position rather than in an upright position. This design will also provide a contemporary look to your home.

Slip-In Assembly
The intricate design of the wine rack allows for a hassle-free assembly as the frame of the rack can be easily constructed by joining the pieces together.

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