Aluminium Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper All In One

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This wine stopper/pump is a really cool piece that works great!  
  • This wine stopper saver is made of high quality Aluminum Alloy and food grade plastic.  Fashionable, stylish and durable.
  • High performance. This wine stopper is easy to use; just insert the stopper into the bottle neck and pump to remove the air.
  • Air-tight seal keeps wine fresh, along with champagne and other carbonated drinks. Slow down the oxidation process and preserve your wine. Vacuum pump function keeps wine fresh for approximately 7 days.
  • Wine stopper sealer and vacuum seal pump are combined all-in-one. Convenient for use and carry.  Perfect for home use, restaurant, party, travel, etc.
  • Fits most standard wine bottles. Reusable, highly durable and easy to clean via wiping with warm water. 

Product Description:

* Made of premium Aluminum Alloy and food grade plastic and silicone, safe and durable.
* Effectively pump the wine stopper head up and down to remove the air. A 750ml half-filled bottle needs approximately 40 to 60 pumps.
* All in one wine stopper and vacuum seal pump. No extra tools required. 
* One size fits most standard wine bottles, keeps all kinds of wine or drink fresh much longer by removing all air from the bottle. 
* Beautifully made, stylish, good quality and practical.
* Easy to store and clean up. Hand wash only.
* Can be removed and used to seal multiple standard wine bottles without having to purchase additional Wine Savers.


Materiel:  ABS Plastic + Aluminum Alloy + PC + Silicone
Item Weight:  0.91 ounces
Package:  1 * Wine Stopper
Certification:  FDA Approved 

Step by Step Instruction:

* Plug the vacuum wine stopper into bottleneck.

* Repeatedly pull the wine stopper head up and down to extract air out of the wine bottle. 

* Once the resistence increases until you can't pump any longer, the bottle is sealed.