Air Tight Aluminium Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper

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At first it looks like a really cool stopper but then you can lift the top piece and start pumping the lever to remove the air in the bottle.  Here's some details:

  • This wine stopper saver is made of high quality Aluminum Alloy and food grade plastic. Elegant, stylish and durable.
  • High performance. This wine stopper is easy to use; just insert the stopper into the bottle neck and pump to remove air.
  • Air-tight seal keeps wine fresh, champagne and other drinks carbonated.  Slow down the oxidation process and preserve your wine. The vacuum pump function keeps wine fresh approximately 7 days.
  • Wine stopper sealer and vacuum seal pump are combined all-in-one.  Convenient for use and carry.  Perfect for home use, restaurant, party, travel, etc.
  • Fits most standard wine bottles. Reusable, highly durable and easy to clean via wiping with warm water. 

Wine Bottle Stopper:

This high quality  All in One Wine Bottle Stopper is functional at providing a vacuum seal on a bottle of wine and removes most of the air that's already in the bottle, helping to keep your wine fresh. It is really stylish and compact, takes up little room in the utensil drawer.

Product Description:

* Made of premium Aluminum Alloy and food grade plastic and silicone, safe and durable.
* Effectively pump the wine stopper head up and down to remove the air.  A 750ml half-filled bottle needs approximately 40 to 60 pumps.
* All in one wine stopper and vacuum seal pump. No extra tools required. 
* One size fits most standard wine bottles, keeps all kinds of wine or drink fresh much longer by removing all air from bottle. 
* Beautifully made, stylish, good quality and practical.
* Easy to store and clean up. Hand wash only.
* Can be removed and used to seal multiple standard wine bottles without having to purchase additional Wine Savers.


Materiel:  Aluminum Alloy + ABS Plastic + Silicone
Item Weight:  0.91 ounces
Package:  1 * Wine Stopper
Certification:  FDA Approved 

Step by Step Instruction:

* Plug the vacuum wine stopper into bottleneck.
* Repeatedly pull the wine stopper head up and down to extract air out of the wine bottle.